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Welcome to Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists. An official premier pest control company offering quality services to the Redlands, CA and nearby areas. Whether you have a rodent, termite or any other pest problem, we’re here to help! Not only do we cater to typical pest control inquiries, we service residential and commercial properties so everyone can stay pest-free.

Here at Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists we understand that pests can make property owners cringe and question their own cleanliness. However, it’s important to know that it’s not always your fault when facing a pest problem. It depends upon the pest and your surrounding environment. Some pests adapt easily to any environment making it harder to remove them. Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists has the experience and knowledge needed to get rid of these pests.

Cockroaches are more likely to invade your home if you live a lifestyle the cockroaches would enjoy; piles of cardboard or papers, trash sitting out as easy access, and many other factors. Living close to an abandoned or foreclosed home will also increase your risk of having cockroaches invade your property. Whatever the reason the pests are there we can solve it and remove them.

A variety of the pests we treat include:

We have yet to meet a pest our Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists experts couldn’t remove. Even if we don’t offer a particular service that you need, chances are that we can refer to you a company that can. We want our customers to be satisfied.

Our Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists technicians will identify where the pests are coming from, create a plan to exterminate the current problem and also educate you on how to prevent them from returning. One method of prevention is regular pest treatments. We offer a variety of pest treatments to suit our customers based on their specific needs. Opt for a one-time treatment only or ask about our regular services including monthly, quarterly or annually.

We offer affordable pest solutions and aim for complete customer satisfaction. Keep the rodents from chewing important cables and wires in your home, the ants from invading every room in your home and prevent stinging insects from attacking your loved ones by calling us today. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, spiders, sowbugs, pillbugs or any other pest we’re the company to call. Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists is here to help you once again achieve a pest-free environment. If you live in or near Redlands California give Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists a call today for more information on how we can help!