It’s not uncommon for Redlands residents and property owners to come across stinging insects outside. Sometimes they can get in your home or business causing chaos for those inside, especially to people who are allergic. An allergic reaction to Redlands bees, wasps or hornets can be very serious. Redlands Bumble Bees The most common types… Read More

The world holds more than 120,000 fly species. Flies are an annoying pest that nobody enjoys trying to get rid of. The most common types of Redlands flies include the fruit fly and house fly. Both are harmless to humans but are capable of spreading disease because of the food sources they enjoy. Typically rotting… Read More

Redlands ants are a very common pest that our exterminators deal with on a regular basis. Ants are also commonly mistaken for termites because of their size. The best way to determine if you’re dealing with ants or termites is to look closely at their bodies. An ant’s body has a narrow waist and termites… Read More