redlands ants

We exterminate all types of Redlands ants!!

Redlands ants are a very common pest that our exterminators deal with on a regular basis. Ants are also commonly mistaken for termites because of their size. The best way to determine if you’re dealing with ants or termites is to look closely at their bodies. An ant’s body has a narrow waist and termites have straight waists. Ants also have bigger heads and belong to the same order as bees and wasps; Hymenoptera.

Ants are another pest in which you won’t be dealing with just a single ant. Ants travel in groups or colonies. While most ants remain harmless, carpenter Redlands ants can cause damage. They nest in wood and if that wood happens to be a part of your structure you can expect some repairs after they’re exterminated.

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are a common pest in Redlands and we can help in eliminating them. Most people despise sugar ants because they often take over a kitchen or any area intended for food preparation. They’re slightly larger than your typical ant and have brown-orange bodies. While they get their name because they enjoy sugar, they also enjoy other food. Sugar ants often emerge in late spring to early fall. If you suspect a sugar ant or any Redlands ant issue call us right away. They’re not harmful but can be a nuisance.