redlands bees, wasps and hornet

We protect residents from Redlands bees and other stinging insects!

It’s not uncommon for Redlands residents and property owners to come across stinging insects outside. Sometimes they can get in your home or business causing chaos for those inside, especially to people who are allergic. An allergic reaction to Redlands bees, wasps or hornets can be very serious.

Redlands Bumble Bees

The most common types of bees in Redlands include the bumble bee, honey bee, and carpenter bee. Killer bees aren’t as common but do have a chance of invading your space. Bumble bees are typically one inch long and are useful for pollinating our plants and crops. Their nests can be found in-ground but it isn’t uncommon to also spot them on your deck or patio. Bumble Bees become aggressive when they feel that their nest is threatened. If you come across a nest of bumble bees you need to call our Redlands bee exterminators right away.

Redlands Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees enjoy solitude and build their own nests. The reason they are named “carpenter” bees is because they can drill through wood which can cause damage to any structure. They drill through wood to lay eggs and can build a tunnel up to ten feet long and one to two inches deep. Carpenter bees are harmless in terms of posing a health risk. The most damage they cause is to your property where they’ve destroyed the wood to house their young.

Redlands Honeybees

You won’t find a solitary honey bee because their families are very large. When you discover a honeybee nest you will know right away because they will surround it, clustering together to eat honey in order to survive the winter. You can’t mistake a honeybee nest if there are active honeybees on it at the time of discovery. Honeybees can only sting once but it can be very painful because the stinger can remain in your skin. If this happens you need to remove the stinger right away. If you are allergic to them your reaction will be more severe. You need to contact a professional honeybee removal expert if you discover a honeybee nest. Do not try to get rid of them on your own and let our Redlands bee removal experts handle the task for you.

Redlands Wasps

You can find over 3,000 types of wasps in the whole United States. Wasp activity happens during the day time and the wasps retreat to their nests come dusk. Wasps can be a very frustrating pest to have, especially if you are allergic to them and they swarm the exterior of your home. You don’t want to get stung but you want them to be gone. That’s where we come in. Call our Redlands wasp removal experts today to learn how we can help you!

Redlands Hornets

Our Redlands bee removal experts also provide hornet removal for the Redlands, CA area. Hornets will cause structure damage by chewing the wood. Hornets are active during colder months. They eat tree sap and other insects. Hornets will only attack if they feel threatened and have rather powerful stingers. If you come across a hornet issue you need to call us immediately to eliminate the problem for you.

We take the safety of the Redlands residents very seriously and have your safety in mind before anything else. Call us today to learn more about our Redlands bee removal services.