redlands fleas

Evidence of Redlands fleas on a pet.

Fleas are an annoying but common pest. They will feed on humans, cats, dogs and many other animals. They cannot fly and jump in order to get from one host to another. Sometimes this is a way people discover they have fleas in their home. They’re relaxing in a chair, feel something tickling their arm only to look down and see a tiny insect jump away. Fleas are small and can infest an animal for quite some time without being discovered.

When fleas bite a human there will be small bite mark left and typical areas where fleas will bite include ankles, armpits, behind the knee, the bend of your elbow and even around your waist. This is not say that they won’t bite other extremities.

Flea bites won’t cause a lot of pain but can cause itching, rash, swelling and hives. The effects of a flea bite, even itching alone, will occur within hours of being bitten. Treat a flea bite as you would any other insect bite then it’s time to determine your plan of action to get rid of the fleas.

If you’re like most you will go to the nearest store that sells flea killing products. Unfortunately, getting rid of fleas is a very tedious task, even more so doing it on your own. Our professional redlands flea exterminators can take care of this for you. We’ll do the hard work so that you can start enjoying your home again.

Treating a flea problem consists of treating your home, as well as any animals you may have. Most times Redlands fleas become an issue in a home with pets that are allowed to come and go as they please. Unless you’re taking precaution and treating your pet regularly to prevent fleas you can expect to have a Redlands flea problem eventually.

If you’re serious about getting rid of the fleas once and for good call our Redlands flea removal experts today! We can answer any questions you have and educate on the process of treating Redlands fleas in your home and for your pet.