redlands flies

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The world holds more than 120,000 fly species. Flies are an annoying pest that nobody enjoys trying to get rid of. The most common types of Redlands flies include the fruit fly and house fly. Both are harmless to humans but are capable of spreading disease because of the food sources they enjoy. Typically rotting food or vegetables.

Fruit Flies in Redlands, CA

Fruit flies are typically found in a kitchen because they feed on rotting vegetables and fruits. Most people will notice a fruit fly after letting a bowl of fruit sit for too long without getting eaten. Any location where food is prepared and stored can be a place to discover Redlands fruit flies.

Your garbage is also a breeding home to fruit flies. If people are exposed to fruit flies for a long period of time it can make them sick because of the unsanitary conditions; the only reason fruit flies will stick around an area. Prevent a fruit fly infestation by keeping your home clean and the trash stored properly and taken out regularly. Don’t leave food, especially fruits and vegetables, sitting on the counter.

House Flies in Redlands, CA

House flies are more of a nuisance than fruit flies because they will annoy you no matter what room you’re in. House flies are commonly found on pet feces because they prefer the strong odor which makes it easier to find the feces. Otherwise they will feed on liquid or turn solids into liquid.

You will notice house flies mostly in pet areas and anywhere trash is present; the trash can. House flies are disease infested pests, carrying more than 100 different diseases.

Redlands Fly Removal

No matter the reason you’ve been invaded by Redlands flies we are here to help. We provide safe, effective and affordable Redlands fly removal options. Call us now to learn more!