Redlands rodent control

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It’s not common to discover you have a rodent (mouse or rat) problem without discovering more than one. Rats and mice tend to live in groups and don’t often create a home without several of them being present. They want the same things we do; food, security and a home. Unfortunately, once they’ve discovered your home they will bring their whole family and begin creating new family members. This simply causes an even bigger problem.

Redlands Rats & Mice

The idea that rats or mice might be in your home can be disgusting and frustrating. They cause a lot of damage and can be very hard to remove. In addition to this they pose several health issues. They urinate and leave feces in the wake of their paths throughout your home. It’s common to find them in kitchen cabinets and underneath large kitchen appliances such as the stove and refrigerator. They are seeking food but if something stands in between them and the source they will chew through it. You might be surprised to learn just what Redlands rodents will chew through until you have an infestation and start discovering the damage.

Rodents have easy access to properties because they don’t need much space to enter a home. Mice can fit through a nickel size hole and rats through a half dollar size hole. If they need to they will chew their way through something to gain entrance into your home. Most often the areas where they enter have gone unnoticed by property owners because they could be in places where we can’t easily access.

This is why rodents tend to stay hidden during the day time and why we typically hear them come night time. While we’re trying to sleep they’re busy gathering food to eat and resources to improve their family nest.

When our Redlands rodent control experts come to inspect the problem you’re having, they will also attempt to determine where the rodents are gaining entry into your home. Once these entrances are found they need to be taken care of and filled in a way that prevents the rodents from chewing through them again.

Common Places to Find Redlands Rodents

  • Around pipes under sinks
  • Inside cabinets and closets
  • Underneath washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators
  • In attics

Those are only some of the common places. Rodents will take up residence wherever they want and often times it’s where you can’t easily get to them.

We can help you remove the rodents and educate our customers in rodent prevention. Nobody likes any pest taking over their home, much less disease carrying rodents. Call today to learn how our Redlands rodent control experts can assist you today!