redlands spiders

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Spiders are a common pest issue for most of the United States. Redlands, California is home to just a fraction of them. Poisonous spiders should be regarded carefully. If you are unsure if a spider you encounter is dangerous do not attempt removal on your own. While many people don’t particularly mind coming across them outdoors, it’s a completely different story when they’re discovered in a home or place of business. The reality sinks in that these eight-legged pests are roaming around their home. The reality that they’ll roam at night can be even more spine shivering.

Our Redlands spider removal experts can help you get rid of these creepy crawlers so you can sleep good again. We will eliminate the current spider problem you’re having as well as prevent them from getting back in your home in the future. This typically involves exterminating other general pests as well because spider are in search of other insects; their food. They are very beneficial for keeping other insects from becoming annoying pests but most people do not accept any spider living in their home. Exterminating any other pests that the spiders could be after will help get rid of the spiders as well.

Brown Recluse Removal

You won’t find a large brown recluse in Redlands as it’s typically about an inch long. Identifying a brown recluse isn’t hard. It’s a brown-gold color and has a black line on its back, often shaped like a violin. You might have heard others refer to a brown recluse as a brown fiddler, violin spider or fiddleback spider. These are all common names for a brown recluse. Brown recluses aren’t often discovered in home but in the rare cases that they are, it’s often in the closet, garage or basement. Outdoor locations typically include sheds or wood piles.

Black Widow Removal

Most people are aware of what a black widow spider looks like and know that they are dangerous spider. Black widows have a shiny body of black with a red hourglass shape on their back. Black widows can be discovered in homes but typically build webs in sheds, woodpiles, basements, and barns. They are poisonous and should be handled by a professional spider removal expert. Call us today if you suspect you have a black widow or brown recluse on your property or in your home.

Redlands Spiders

In addition to taking care of poisonous spiders we can also exterminate the harmless spiders. While spiders eat other insects that can be a nuisance to us, many people just prefer to have all of the pests treated at one time. We supply this service and take pride in offering only  safe, effective and affordable treatments. Call today to learn more about our spider removal options for the Redlands, CA area.