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Termites have been around for more than 200 million years. They are beneficial for recycling wood in the environment however if they’re munching on your property structure’s wood they can cause more harm than good. Termites aren’t always noticeable and often times a property owner won’t discover them before they’ve already caused some damage.

More than 500,000 homes are damaged by termites every year. Redlands termite control experts are here to help you find them before they cause extensive damage to your own home. Property owners spend an estimated $5 billion every year to repair the damage caused by termites.

Formosan termites are often the culprit for this damage. They are the most destructive termite species accounting for more than $1 billion of the total $5 billion spent each year by property owners.

Types of Termites

While there are around 45 different termite species in the United States, there are three main types that we see in Redlands:

  • Drywood
  • Dampwood
  • Subterranean

In order for our Redlands termite control experts to create a specific plan for your termite problem, we must first identify the type of termite you’re dealing with.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most aggressive and include the Formosan termites that cause expensive damage every year to properties. Subterranean termites will build their nests under the ground that connect to food sources located above ground using tunnels.

Our Redlands termite control experts often deal with western subterranean termites as they are very common in California. This insect causes more damage than any other wood-destroying insect.

Detecting Termites

One way property owners discover they have termites is from the large swarms of flying termites around their property or the discovery of mud tubes or tunnels. The best way to protect your property and ensure you don’t have termites hiding out is by having a yearly inspection. Some owners prefer to have regular service and have termite inspections two to three times a year.

If you have noticed or think you may have termites on your property call Pest Destroyers Pest Specialists today. Our Redlands termite control technicians are standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you treat your termite problem. Take control now before they cause expensive damage to your home causing you to spend much more than you would for a termite inspection.